Top 10 Moves to Lose Your Love Handles – Best Ways to Get Rid of Love Handles


How to Lose Your Love Handles – Best Working Method 2018

How to lose “love handles”, a question answered hundreds of times without any proven methods. After so much research and experiments, we have prepared this 30 minutes a day workout plan to get rid of those love handles and fat around your lower body.

When it comes to the sections of fat on the sides and front of your belly,  it’s the  first place guys gain it and the last it disappears. And sometimes, even though you’ve logged hours on cardio and weight lifting, it can feel damn near impossible to get those little pockets of flab off your body. So, What is the best way to get rid of love handles?

First thing first, your diet plays a big role in your fitness goals, in order to get rid of those love handles or fat around your lower body, no matter how many hours you spend in the gym, you will not get any results without a proper diet. Checkout This  diet plan for fat loss.

Now let’s jump right into our workout plan to get rid of love handles. ( you can do this workout at home or gym.)

1. Russian Twist


Set: 4

Reps: 8-12

This exercise hits your lower back directly, this core exercise is a good workout for the whole abdomen. It engages all the abdomen muscles. The seated Russian twist strengthens the oblique muscles on the sides of the abdomen. A must do exercise to keep your lower body in shape.

2. Box Jump

Set: 6

Reps: 8-12

I find this exercise very amazing, it can blast calories and melt fat. When you jump, your body burns 800 to 1,000 calories an hour. Make sure to use right size of jumping box to avoid any injury.

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3. Running Planks

Set: 4

Reps: 30-50 secs.

This is one of the most effective exercise for fat loss, specially from your lower body. To make this exercise more effective, keep the rest period as less as you can.

4. Bicycle crunches


Set: 4

Reps: 8-12 

This particular exercise is not that effective for fat loss, but it’s one of the best exercise to get your lower back and abs in perfect shape. Make sure you perform this exercise in right form. You can perform this exercise at home on a yoga mat.

5. Mountain Climber 

mountain climber exercise

Set: 4

Reps: 12-20 

This exercise is a little hard to perform. A single mountain climber will not burn fat, however several mountain climbers done continuously can help burn fat. 

In order for your body to begin burning fat as an energy source, you’ve got to perform this exercise with maximum intensity. Mountain climber is a very effective exercise for fat loss around your belly and thighs.

6. Running 

woman running on side walk

Duration: 30-40 Mins. (10 mins incline)

We all know that running helps in fat loss, in order to target your lower body, you should run at-least 20-30 mins. You can split it into running, walking and incline running. For example first 5 minutes normal walk and then 10 mins of running.

7. Bridge


Set: 4

Reps: 12-15

If you do this exercise correctly, you also will find that it is a good core stability and strength exercise that targets the abdominal muscles as well as the muscles of lower back and hip. Another great exercise to work on those love handles.

8. Single Arm Dumbbell Row

single-arm-dumbbell row

Set: 4

Reps: 10-15

I love this exercise and it’s one of my favorite exercise for lower back, it helps you to get rid of all the fat from your lower back.  This exercise helps you get that perfect v shape body.

I’m not just talking mass here either when I talk about triggering results, I’m talking developing actual cuts and grooves in your back, and the deep channel down the center.

9. Push-ups

Push ups is a very old school way of losing fat but it’s the most effective one. It’s not just a chest exercise, it also works your core and back.

Set: 3

Rep: 8-12

10. Deadlift


Last but not the least! Deadlift is another great exercise to add in your workout routine, this exercise uses most of our body parts and is most effective for fat loss from your lower back.



There you go, try this workout for 6 weeks and come back here and share your experience in the comment section below. I believe, if you follow this workout plan, you will get rid of those love handles.



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