Top 10 Must Have Fashion Trends for Men in 2019

2019 fashion trends

Biggest Fashion Trends Right Now, 10 Popular Stylish Trends in Men’s Fashion.

Men’s fashion trends are on fire now, these male fashion icons are bringing revolution in us men’s clothing and style by launching variety of awesome, cool, stylish outfits every other day.

Last year vertical stripe shirts, checks, tropical print shirts, side stripe trousers and dad denim were rocking fashion trends for men and they are still famous outfits among guys. 2018 was an amazing year for men’s fashion world.

I would say, it’s a proud moment for every men, we’ve come so far! Men’s fashion was not even that big of a thing couple of years back but today it’s as huge as women’s fashion world.

We are now almost in the middle of February 2019 and It’s time to announce the latest fashion trends for guys this year.

These are the “top 10 most popular fashion trends to keep for men in 2019.

1. Vertical stripes

Vertical Stripe Short Sleeve shirt for men

Vertical Stripe Short Sleeve 

Yessss! Stripes in 2019 are much better and bolder than 2018, this improved version of stripe shirts and pants is a big thing now.

This is the biggest menswear trend this year. It’s everywhere, from movie starts to fashion week, everyone is loving this style. I’ve noticed more and more guys adopting this outfit. The sales report from the clothing market says it all.

You should definitely get out of your comfort zone and try vertical stripe shirts and lowers. Take a picture of yourself in a vertical stripe suit and post on Instagram, you will realize what’s this fuzz!

2. Double denim

Jeans Men's Regular-Fit Jean Jacket

Jeans Men’s Regular-Fit Jean Jacket

Double denim is back with the bang in 2019, this trend just never goes away.

You can find denim jeans and jacket in every men’s wardrobe, it’s an essential item of every man’s wardrobe.

It’s classic and looks great on guys, 2019 brought us more options in term of designs and colors.

3. Technical jackets

Technical jackets trend for men

Technical jacket

Another popular trend is technical jacket, they are literally everywhere i go. There are not going anywhere for next decade!

Technical plain hooded jackets looks great with most lowers.

There also come in various different styles, go for something plain with black, grey, light green colors.

4. Statement puffer

puffer jacket for men
puffer jacket

This nineties item is still trending and there is no stopping for it even in the coming years. You will find it in most hip-hop videos and movies as well as on the streets of major cities like London, New York etc.

Light-weighted Statement puffers are the trend of 2019. You should get yourself one. It looks very attractive with nice plain t-shirts.

5. Cross body bag

Cross body bag for men

Cross body bag

I think you already know this one, cross body bags took the clothing market by storm. This trend started a long ago and disappeared for a while.

It came back last year and now you can see it in every 3-4 guys out of 10 wearing these cross body bags.

The cool thing about cross body bag is that you can wear it on almost any outfit. I got myself 4 of these and i’m loving it. It’s a style with comfort, you can keep your cell phone and other accessories in it.

I would say it’s one of the most comfortable current male fashion trend.

6. Classic Leather

 leather flight jacket

leather flight jacket

Leather jacket isn’t just a trend for us man, it’s a emotion. Almost every guy tried a leather jacket in his life.

“There is no bad time to wear a leather jacket.”

In 2019 bomber leather jacket and leather flight jackets are fashion tendencies for men. You might want to update your wardrobe with these stylish leather jackets.

7. Hybrid of suit and shirt

Hybrid of suit and shirt

Hybrid of suit and shirt

What’s a hybrid of suit and shirt?

It’s a very thin and loose, lightweight suit that is popular in 2019. You can wear them with any type of t shirts or shirts.

Light grey, white, pink and light sky blue colors look most attractive. They are very friendly with plain color sneakers.

8. Bold striped suit

Long Sleeve Striped Suit

Long Sleeve Striped Suit

It’s like 1920’s all over again but with better and more stylish way. Bold striped suits are a thing since last year and the craze is just unstoppable, from celebrities to a common man, everyone wants to get their hands on these bad boys.

Bold striped suits are very trendy right now, they look simple yet stunning. I believe they are very pricey right now. If money ain’t a problem, you better get yourself one.

9. Sportswear with side stripes

Sportswear with side stripes

Sportswear with side stripes

When i think about sportswear with side stripes, the first person who comes to my mind is Drake. He is killing it with these sports jackets with side stripes.

It’s a gift for every guy, great item to add in your wardrobe. This fashion trend is not going anywhere.

10. Wide leg linen trousers

Wide leg linen trousers

Wide leg linen trousers

Last but not the least! After disappearing in 2017, wide leg lined trousers are back. There hasn’t been much of update on these trousers but we are going to see it a lot more this year.

These trousers are very luxury yet very comfortable. I am already seeing people getting on these this year.

Another rising fashion trend for men in 2019.


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