Top 10 Trending Sunglasses in Men’s Fashion 2019 – Best Summer Sunglasses


Top 10 Trending Summer Sunglasses For Men This Year 2019 

Summer is almost here! It’s time to put your shades on. When it comes to picking up cool sunglasses, you should pick the best trending shades, after-all it’s important upgrade for your face. Everyone looks great with a cool pair of sunglasses but, a right pair of shades makes you look much more cooler and stylish. Now with keeping that in mind let’s uncover the most trending sunglasses this summer.

1. Clip-On Sunglasses 
clip-on sunglasses.jpg
Clip-on sunglasses

Yes! They are back and trending now. I personally own 6 pairs of these glasses, i enjoy the slim lines and lightweight feel of metal frames. They can be used as sunglasses and eyeglasses, they cost you about $15-$300 for a pair. You should get one of these.

2. Geometric Sunglasses
geometric sunglasses. jpg
geometric sunglasses

If you have a round profile, these glasses will suit you the most. You will find every other men wearing these glasses when the sun is out. Because of their shape, subtlety is key, so be sure to choose thin frames and classic colors.

3. Round Vintage Sunglasses
Round vintage sunglasses.jpg
round vintage sunglasses

They are everywhere. Round vintage sunglasses have made a blasting come back. They are designed to make you stand out of the crowd, round frames are ideal for men who have narrow, square or angular features. They look pretty cool on every outfit.

4. Colorful Sunglasses
colorful sunglasses.jpg

You may have noticed these bad boys almost everywhere. However, they don’t really fit on business and casual clothes that much, but perfect to wear on shorts. I often see people posting their pictures with these glasses on the Instagram. Just amazing.

5. Square Wayfarer Sunglasses
Square-wayfarer Sunglasses.jpg
square wayfarer sunglasses

This bad boy have been in trend for many years and here to stay for a long time, says fashion experts. A symbol of 1950’s men’s sunglasses, The Wayfarer continues to inspire us till this day. This old classic style looks really cool on almost everyone.

6. Retro Sunglasses
retro sunglasses.jpg
retro sunglasses

Retro sunglasses have become more popular in last 2 years and they are now a fashion symbol for both men and women. A must have item in men’s fashion this year.

7. Navigator Sunglasses 
navigator sunglasses

These glasses looks very luxuries, if you are looking for something to wear on business and casual clothes, this one fits your requirement.

8. Ray Bans Clubmaster Sunglasses
ray bans clubmaster sunglasses

One of the most used sunglasses in last 3 years. You should own at-least a pair of these. They gives you a dashing style. Picture this, jeans and shirt with these glasses on. I know!

9. Ray Bans Wayfarer Folding Classic
raybens folding classic sunglasses.jpg
ray bans wayfarer folding classic glasses

Another old gem, it’s just never gets old. Almost everyone owns one of these, but the new models from ray bans are more stylish.

10. Polarized Wood Sunglasses 
wood sunglasses.jpg
polarized wood sunglasses

These glasses are very comfortable and classy looking. They are becoming more famous among new generation, they will cost you about $15-$150.

There you go, these are some of the most trending sunglasses for men this year in fashion.

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