Top 20 Items Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe – Wardrobe Essentials for Men in 2019

men's wardrobe items

20 Items Every Men Should Have in His Clothing Collection – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials Update 2019

You might be someone who follows every fashion trend or just starting to follow up, fashion trends changes very quickly but these ‘men’s wardrobe essentials’ always stays on the top and they are always trending.

We guys are not as obsessed with fashion and shopping as girls but we do like to have some pairs of nice outfits and stylish accessories in our closet but today we are talking about ‘men’s basic wardrobe items’ which actually looks great on every man out there and without these items your wardrobe can never be completed. Now let’s jump right into the checklist.

1. Weekend Bag

men's weekend bag
men’s stylish weekend bag

Guys you need this! A nice leather or cargo weekend bag comes in very handy when going out on the weekends or holidays, you can even take it to college or even office ( if your company isn’t strict about clothing and stuff).

Get yourself a cool, trendy and modern bag, you must have noticed your friends or strangers on the street using these bags, doesn’t it add more stylishness in their overall look? Yeah! That’s right, a nice bag will makes your outfit more stylish and it’s very comfortable, you can carry your accessories in it.

2. Black jeans

men's black jeans
man wearing black jeans

Chances are that you already know this one but if you don’t it’s completely ok!

Black jeans always stays on the top of essentials’ men’s clothing items checklist. You can rock this jeans with almost every tshirts or shirt and it looks simply killer.

Ask any fashion expert about basics of men’s closet or clothing, the first thing they’ll say is “get yourself a black jeans”.

3. Gentlemen’s Suit

man wearing  a suit and laying on sofa
man laying on sofa wearing suit

Why I called it gentlemen’s suit? Since I was a little kid, I’ ve always noticed that whenever a family member or friend worn a suit, they always got a compliment “you look like a gentleman now”. I guess it’s kind of true, a nice suit makes you look like a gentleman.

Whether it’s a business meeting or special occasion, a gentleman’s always suits you in such situations.

Suit is on the top of men’s business wardrobe essential checklist. Get yourself a nice tailored suit! You can choose from many different colors but black and Navy blue are the best.

4. White and Black T-shirt

man wearing white tshirt
man wearing white tshirt

Plain white and black t-shirts are another must have items in your closet.

You can wear them on shorts, chinos, jeans and on most of the lowers. Imagine black jeans with white shirt and a black jeans Jacket, you know what I mean?

Get your self some white and black round neck or v shape tshirts. They look amazing.

5. Leather Jacket

man wearing leather jacket
man wearing leather jacket

This one is my favorite but unluckily I live in a Bangkok and we don’t get to experience much winter or I could say no winter at all. So we can’t really wear winter clothing much here but I love wearing them whenever traveling to another countries in winter.

Leather jacket goes well with jeans, you can also wear them with some of the cargo pants. Get a black or dark brown leather jacket for your wardrobe.

6. Leather Boots

leather boots for men
leather boots for men

Leather boots has been trending fashion item for men for decades, however they are new upgrades coming out every now and then.

I personally prefer dark brown boots, I own 3 pairs of leather boots and they are best friends with most of my jeans.

They make their place in ‘men’s fashion must have list’.

Get yourself one if you don’t already have one.

7. White Shirt

men's white shirt
white shirt for men

White shirt falls in every category of men’s closet clothing. I men you can literally wear them for casual, business or even with shorts. You can wear them in all seasons.

I love to wear mine with shorts on the beach, it’s a bomb.

8. Plain Chinos

men's chino
plain chino for men

How can your wardrobe be completed without some nice chinos, after all they are on the top of men’s classic outfits.

You can wear them wih tshirts, shirts and even with jacket or blazers.

This is man’s must have outfit item.

9. Plain Tie

plain black tie for men
plain black tie for men

I believe that a plain tie on shirts makes a man look more handsome and you can use them on any occasion.

Black and dark red are essential tie colors for men.

10. Sports Jacket

sports jacket for men
sports jacket

Sports jackets are very trendy now and you can find them everywhere, Hollywood movies, fashion magazines, tv commericals and why not? They look stunning on most pants.

Every man should own atleast one sports jacket in their wardrobe collection.

11. Stylish Sunglasses

men wearing stylish sunglasses

This one goes without saying, I suggest every guy to own classes Ray-Ban sunglasses. They gives that luxury look. This is another must have item for men.

12. Cologne

ck men’s perfume

I think everyone knows about this one, every men should use a nice Cologne. It’s must must and must have item for every man.

Are you still using that same old perfume brand? You need to step up your game. There are so many new players in the market now! You should checkout this post top 10 sexiest colognes for men“.

13. Sweater

men wearing sweater
classic men’s sweater

Sweater looks great, they are very comfortable and trendy. I like neutral colors, you can style them with shirts, collar tshirts or even use for layering.

Same goes with lowers, you can wear sweater with most lowers. They are always in fashion trends and I believe they will always be.

14. Beach shorts

men with six pack abs wearing beach shorts
beach shorts

Hmm! Whether you are a fitness freak or not into fitness, beach shorts are trendy and colorful.

Get yourself some colorful beach shorts, don’t forget to show off a bit by posting your beach pictures on the Instagram, they look amazing.

15. Sports Watch

Casual G-Shock

I love sports watches! They match with most of the outfits apart from the suits. Now they have these stylish sports watches in the market that looks freaking cool.

A must have item for your wardrobe accessories.

16. Gentlemen’s Watch

man's casual watch
Spartan Ultra HR

You can wear sports watches on a suit but it doesn’t look as good as some nice gentleman’s casual watch.

Find yourself a trendy watch that can go on your casual and business clothing.

17. Sports Track Suit

man wearing sport track suit
track suit for man

Sport suits are a thing again after fading away in last couple of years. Now they are back with the bang with so many different designs.

Guys need sports track suit, they look cool. It’s an essential clothing item.

18. Wrist Bracelet

man's wrist bracelet
wrist bracelet for man

Whether you are young or old, you should try these wrist braclets. They are cool and trendy.

19. Jeans Jacket

man wearing denim jeans jacket
denim jeans jacket

Those old school jeans jackets never go out of style. Jeans jackets looks really smart, specially with the jeans.

20. Shoes and Sneakers

men's sneakers
men’s sneakers

Every man should own at least 3 different types of shoes. It’s a basic wardrobe requirement for men.

For office clothing you should have a nice leather shoes in black and brown color.

For casual wear you can grab some good sneakers and buy yourself a nice pair of sport shoes.


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