Top 20 Male Street Style Fashion Trends That Looks Cool

latest street style fashion trends for men 2019

Top 20 Street Style Fashion Trends for Men 2019

Street style is the particular style that is derived from the culture of Britain. This is nothing but a comprehensive attitude towards style, and the development of various styles that vary from the considerations of the mainstream culture. This type of style is among the biggest fashion complications and is regarded as the main influencing factor in the domain of fashion. This is the best style of fashion that millions of celebs, and even common men and women, follow today.

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This type of style is common in celebs as well as family men, as it comprises of various clothing stuffs or items which are put on by about everyone. High neck side slit tunic and vintage Waist wide-leg black pants paired with a long coat are some of the major instances of street style fashion. Here are the Top 20 Street Style Fashion Trends for Men 2019. You can expect to see these street style trends in menswear this year.

20. Check Outerwear

mens street style outfit

You are in the right winter outerwear territory in case you have upgraded to an overcoat from a hip-grazing jacket. But that does not make you any different looking than others. You can get different with a few checks on the back. Put on a check coat. You can try checks on bombers, graphics checks, tonal checks, blown up checks and other types of checks.

19. Be a rebel

man dressed in rebellious street style
Image credit The Impression

This year, embrace the rebellious side of your personality. The punk movement arose in the ’70s from social and political strife, and freedom and individuality were its main messages. With the socio-political situation in 2019 seeming close to that period, you can try dressing slightly tougher.

18. Wear brighter colors

mens street style bright color outfit
Image by pausemag

Dresses in brighter colors look much better during the winter season, and a searing color can help boost your mood. Brighter hues are not ruling the runways, as they are also on the streets. These are not expected to fizzle out after just one season.

17. Try a Beret

man on street stylish outfit with beret on head
Image by Vouge

These are not in the street style fashion of women, as can be seen in the Phil Oh slideshows. Last year, it became a trend courtesy the likes of Gucci and Dior. Men appear to be inspired by the trend as well. You can put on classic gray or black berets with V-neck sweaters or suits. However, these are not perfect for freezing cold days of winter. Use anything warmer to cover the ears when there is polar vortex.

16. Color pop layers

color pop layover outfit men walking street
Image by BlogLovin

Wear dresses with some pops of color that are placed strategically, and you would be able to tread the fine line between being experimental and looking like a fool. You can seem to be open to experimentation. Wear a primary colored hoodie beneath the coat and make the upper layer the main attractive feature of your clothing. Basically, you are simply recommended to lighten up.

15. Go for Fringes

Men are fast getting bored of keeping their foreheads bare, and are now considering going for fringes – that heavily resemble the results that are achieved with a pair of scissors and a bow. This type of cut is strangely popular in the men’s world of fashion. You may try the new blunt fringe that simply sits on your face. You only need a textured chop, followed by a ruffling of the fingers, to be able to get started.

14. Use Tonal Neutrals

Tonal neutrals stylish outfit men
Image credit Fashion Beans

In the winter and fall months, whoever said that men have to wear only grey, navy and black colored outfits? You can try Tonal neutrals instead! Generously layer the shades of beige, camel, cream and white, and give your dresses and mood a lift. If you have a camel coat already, like most men do, add a light stone or putty jumper and pair it with high-top white colored Converse and a few sand tailored trousers.

13. Go Green

green wool coat men street style outfir
man wearing stylish green wool coat

No, that is not another shot at urging you to be eco-friendly! Before burgundy began to rule the winter color domain in men’s fashion, green was the color that was seen the most. This is a versatile hue. Try a wool coat of rich green color or Jewel tone green color. If you wish to wear a classic, put on a military jacket or field jacket like celebs.

12. Wear Light Wash Denim, again!

At one time, Light wash denim was a cool thing. However, things have changed a bit and now and the black skinny jean has now become the standard. However, this year has witnessed the resurgence of the light wash denim. It has now entered the street-wear and suiting fashion of men today. You can get these in a straight or loose fit, and in skin dark sausage denim with no need to do a lot.

11. Try different pants, for a change

stylish man street pants shoes

Skinny pants were the only types of pants worn by men for about a decade. You could see men’s street style fashion being ruled by skinny suiting trousers, skinny chinos, skinny jeans….and basically skinny everything. But things are quickly changing. Men are buying various types of printed pants, whether floral or tartan, and also going for cuffed wide-legs, flares and more. This type of trend is smoothly fitting into contemporary male wardrobes. You can put on a printed pant that works with a sneaker, blazer or hoodie – basically everything that you generally wear with jeans.

10. Try oversized scarves

stylish oversized scarf men street style outfit
stylish man oversized scarf

When Lenny Kravitz was trolled for wearing a big scarf, little did the world known that oversized scarves would soon go on to rule the street style of men.  You can pair oversized scarves with the right outfits and keep things in the experimental realm.

9. Wear cross-body bags

louis-vuitton-cross body bad street style men
Image by ohanthonio

Men have been wearing cross-body bags and fanny packs across their bodies for some months now. With the likes of Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton and Kim Jones at Dior Men wearing these, you can now find many designers coming up with attractive cross-body bags for males. You can get croc-embossed, minimalist leather bags or the Dior saddle bag.

8. Spotted and Striped

Spotted and Striped style man stylish outfit street
Image by a log trouble

In women’s fashion, animal prints have long been in use. Men, however, typically shied away from a leopard button-down coat or tiger-striped coat. However, you can now find some men – who dare to experiment with fashion – wearing zebra and leopard motifs on the street. On top runways, such as Coach 1941, Bottega Veneta and Tom Ford, animal prints can be found. But they are set to become bigger in 2019.

7. Luxurious Coat

stylish man with camel color street style coat

For many years, women’s collections have been witnessing the use of statement outerwear. You could see everything from plaid trenchcoats and faux fur chubbies to more, but it is from this year that men have started trying them out. This year, you can find many men wearing luxurious coats and buying tailored coats a la couture, jewel tone toppers and plush furs. You can also consider the rounded, glossy Astrakhan coat at the pre-fall collection of Dior Men or the gorgeous coats in the ultimate Berluti collection of Haider Ackermann.

6. Wear a Leather jacket

stylish leather coat male model street walking

This clothing item of street style menswear is supposed to be worn for many years, and it gets increasingly better with passing age. This is possibly the reason why many men are going back to trying these jackets that vaguely remind one of the ‘70s, when you could get them in brown and black colors. In many cases, there is also a turtleneck beneath – which makes a timeless statement. It is a perfect combination for anybody who has already put on puffer and statement-coat.

5. Go for puffers

Many men still love puffers. But they are shunning the old boxy and huge puffers and going for coats of more traditional sizes, in Crayola colors. Rather than concealing the whole outfit, they just serve as the ultimate layer. Most men like to sport them unzipped, to show what lies beneath.

4. The Kind-Of Suit

cool stylish suit men outfit

These are a hit with many men who want not to have that corporate kind of feeling and rather have a more relaxed sensation. You can put on button-downs that look like Balenciaga and pair them with trousers in muted matching shades. Or you may wear oversized hybrids of shirt and jacket along with matching trousers. You may even pair matching wide legged trousers with a softly creased crimson button-down, and put on sneakers to complete the look.

3. Mix practicality with fashion

stylish male model army style jacket street style

You can expect shirting-striped parkas from Lanvin and fireman jackets from Heron Preston to be worn this fall and winter. On the street, you can find many men already wearing army jackets, harnesses and padded vests.

2. Wear a bold scarf

stylish man with cool outfit scarf

If you are not hesitant to experiment, try wearing a bold scarf – either of the neon knit or printed silk type. Last winter, Football scarves could be seen as a unique trend and Burberry, Fendi and other brands coming out with their own versions with their own company logos.

1. Put on classic trenches


These refuse to die in the world of fashion, and you can pair classic trenches with a softer silk scarf and other types of luxurious and elegant outerwear.

Street style changes constantly, which is the beauty of it. Whether or not you are a man of fashion, you would probably like to dress up in checkered parkas, wear cross-body bags, put on a beret, sport a light washed denim….basically any style that you feel can fit your attitude and preferences the best. Once you dress up in your preferred style, you will be able to carry it off well.


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