Top 10 trending hairstyles for men: Men’s Hairstyles 2019

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10 Most Trendiest Hairstyles For Men This year

Having well cut hair is really important to appear like a gentleman and be adored by the others and it also does not cost much. Spending some precious time at the salon is likely to enhance your looks, grace and elegance. Moreover, the barbershop having hot towels and plush seats can be a pleasant experience.

2019 hair trends as it emerges, is likely to be either military or messy. Some cuts may favor sharp short sides and back or probably no messing buzzing cuts, while others may favor grunge styled, textured long hair.

Top 2019 trending hairstyles for men

Undercut Quiff

undercut quiff hairstyle
undercut quiff hairstyle

Adolescents favor the Quiff style, which has become their default hairstyle. The Quiff is found to enter the hairstyle area of the serious grown-ups through the undercut. The finish offers gentle matte texture when compared to skyscraping stiffness.

It is necessary to first plan about the cut to ensure that the style is maintained easily and effortlessly. You can request your barber to disconnect sides at clipper-grade top from the top to create in length a blunt contrast. Then, it is to be tapered off through the sides and neck, thereby leaving some length on the fringe and top to allow plenty of room to come up with volume and texture at the front.

Textured Crop w

textured crop hairstyle
textured crop hairstyle

Fringe haircuts are being given a wide berth these days. In majority of the cases, it is noticed to be a wise risk aversion. However, the textured crop is found to be a major hit this year among sensible men. It is neither antisocial nor scarily precise, but simply flattering.

The style can be considered to be a remix of short sides and back, where length present on the top tends to work along with the gravity rather moving against it. Your very own natural hair growth patterns are sure to work well with messy cropped cuts.

According to the experts, it suits those who have thick hair with natural texture. The barber can be requested for makings of tight and high along with lots of length on top to be cut for square, bold texture. This style is favored upon as its maintenance involves very less fuss.

Messy Man Bob

man with messy man bob hairstyle
messy man bob hairstyle

Messy, long hair for time immemorial is considered to be the preserve of grungers and rebels. When grooming is not given much attention, this hairstyle takes place. Mid-shoulder-length slightly messed up hair is said to have the potentiality to reach hallowed mid-point between making the effort or not. Extreme smooth is better avoided.

This style is sure to work wonderful on people with texture or thickness. Moreover the key to achieving that look with this style is to request the barber for layers that will complement the hair texture and face shape. Strong shape cut onto the outer layers of the hair can create flow or simply drop within hair. It ensures even distribution of weight and balance.

Tight and tapered high

tight and tapered high hairstyle
tight and tapered high hairstyle

This is a wonderful style if you do not like long hairstyles, or has very less time for grooming purpose. High and tight does sound to be good this year. It is rather a low maintenance, short style that is known to borrow CBA attitude from the buzz cut.

It does allow sufficient room to experiment on the top. The high & tight can be termed to be a style conscious, time-poor classic, however, on the wrong head. To derive that basic short side and back sleek version, you can request for tight and tapered high at clipper guard along with 1 or 2 with compact crop upon top.

Modern Spiky

modern spiky hairstyle
modern spiky hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the most popular one from many decades. Spiky hairstyle just never go out of fashion trends. In 2019 it’s still rocking with so many different variations of this hairstyle. Whether it’s side burn spiky or just the classic side trim short hair, it just looks classically fashionable.

You should try different variations until you find your fit.

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Side Burn Long Hair

side burn long hair
side burn long hair

If you have long hairs and with a decent jaw line on face, you can certainly rock this hairstyle. It’s been in trends for past couple of years and definitely will continue to rock in coming years.

Shaved Side

This hairstyle is invention of athletes and army guys, however, now there are hundreds of different variations of this hairstyle, the most popular ones for short hairs are side shaved cropped fringe, pompadour.

There are so many different variations in long hair as well. Consult your barber for the best fit according to your face.

High Skin Fade with Cropped Fringe

High Skin Fade with Cropped Fringe

High Skin Fade with Cropped Fringe

This is my personal favorite for short hairs, this hairstyle is very simple yet super stylish. If you are kind of a guy who likes to keep it short, this might be a good option for you.

Pompadour Hairstyle

pompadour hairstyle
pompadour hairstyle

You saw this hairstyle all over the place in 2018 and it’s still there rocking with now many different variations being launched. It’s a good hairstyle for long and high medium hairs.

Top knot Undercut

Top Knot Undercut Hairstyle
Top Knot Undercut Hairstyle

This hairstyle first became trendiest hairstyle in 2014 and after disappearing for a while, now it’s back with the bang! Now more and more celebrities and popular stars using this hairstyle. It looks dashing if nicely maintained.

You need to grow your hair a bit to get the best out of this hairstyle.

The above are considered to be the latest hairstyles for men this 2019.


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