Top 20 Virtual Training Fitness Mobile Apps In 2021

Top 20 Virtual Training Fitness Mobile Apps In 2021

20 Best Virtual Training Mobile Apps 2021

The year 2020 was the time when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and many gym-goers had no choice but to opt for online training and web-based fitness apps. With the help of fitness web apps, it is possible for learners to have an effective virtual learning experience. With these types of apps, the fitness level and body shape of learners can be improved. These help overcome time and space barriers, and are helping trailers and learners to remain connected from any part of the globe. This is a list of 20 best virtual training mobile apps 2021 that will help you a lot.

Map My Run

It has been downloaded for over million times, and is among the top 20 apps for virtual fitness training in 2021. With this app, learners are directly able to tracktheir mileage in their virtual classroom. They can view their activities quite easily, which automatically get suggested as they search in it. Learners are able to seethe activities of their choices in only a few minutes, whether they are using Android or iOS device.

Fitness Buddy

This is a useful app to take notes down, and can help new learners as well as pros. Long-drawn info can be substituted by small notes on recipes, personalized meal plans and many more. Progressive workout plans can be developed by usersfor their benefit. Learners can also have a view of the videos and clear instructions. Due to this transparency, it is among the best apps for people who are into fitness.

JEFIT Workout Planner

It is another fantastic app for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. There are many exciting instructions from experts, which can assist users in getting topics and knowledge that can be discussed with others. Out of the box workout strategies can be planned by new users from the contents available on the app. It can let one have an enriching workout with one of a kind training and make him / her participate more actively.


This is a great fitness solution for getting motivated while on the move. Voices or plans can be saved, to set goals that are measurable. Users can also enjoy virtual running groups with other people. It can also be used to track runs and review stats whenever needed.


This is among the most famous fitness apps to be used in gyms and at home. Your workouts can be made more exciting with the huge food database. You can find many recipes created by trainers here. You can compete with your pals in these online forums. Users of an entire group can use it to work out together, and individual weight loss plans can be made easily.

10K Runner

It is another of the best apps for fitness lovers and athletes. It comprises of guidance that are from fitness experts from major institutions. You can participate in an audio guidance session in real time, and get trained by a virtual coach.

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It can be used by people for creating trackers of speed, time, calories burned etc. The app can store as many stats that matter. Free trackers and fitness goals can be developed by users, with this wonderful app.

Users right from newbie to professional level can use this intriguing fitness app. Through 30 Day Fitness at Home, trainers can supervise the growth of learners. You can be helped by motivating reminders for exercising.

FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

It is a time-saving app for all users. Learners are able to do work on their own, or even with fit celebs or celeb trainers. You can choose from fitness workouts to suit your needs.

Home Workout – No Equipments

This is an easy to use app that can allow multiple communications – such as video and animated guides for workout. It can be used by learners to get daily reminders. It includes excellent guides to help you develop the best workout plans, create a nice classroom ambiance and see the progress of your exercise regimen.

Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro

It offers an excellent personal trainer experience that can be enjoyable for users. Interesting materials can be accessed by users on the basis of their fitness regimen. You can pick up concepts and do just as instructed. There are no doubts about the activities in the apps. You can use the app to create custom exercise plans.

Workout for Women: Fitness App

It aids users in exercise habits that are short but beneficial. More than hundreds of superior training material can be accessed with it. There is unlimited learning and reading scope for you, whether at the gym or in home. This is a completely fulfilling app for exercisers the world over. It can be used to identify the workout priorities of beginners as well as advanced exercisers. This is a unique app due to various kinds of voice instructions, video, audio etc.

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

It lets users enjoy a fast workout minus any hassle. The app can be used by users to follow all the directions and mark their own progress on every stage of the process. The app can be tailored as per specific requirements. It can reduce headaches associated to each exercise detail. When you turn the timer on, and use the video guide, it can be possible for you to get a glimpse of all the workouts for any major muscle group in a well-arranged manner.

Nike Training Club

This is a powerful app that can ensure more seamless workout experience. Users can have a livelier ambiance and workout experience with the help of videos and info in real-time in home or even outside at the gym ambiance. The information can be managed with high efficiency  on this app.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

Those using this app can enjoy the best custom workouts from anywhere in the world. They can use guided programs and tailor a workout plan easily. It can be used for getting fit with personalized meal plans. The app comprises of content created by expert trainers. It explains how various exercises and nutrients can benefit your body.

Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach

This app can be used as a planner and for creating a custom workout plan. A lot of users depend on this app to schedule individual sessions and set reminders about the same. Profiles that can be customized can be set on this app, to help users easily get updates. The entire experience of exercising can be organized well with this app. It can be used to make learners conscious of all activities.


For communication with community, this is one of the most preferable solutions. It can be used by usersfor social training, and exchange unlimited number of ideas. A To-Do list can be set, to evaluate each phase of performance and sessions by every user. Users are able to obtain immediate feedback from the community, and motivateother people in the network.


This is a very familiar app for many, as it is used for making a custom workout plan immediately. It lets usersview exercises easily and follow from the same if they like. With this app, it is easy to pick from many types of workout plans. Many apps for fitness training or online workouts are quite clumsy and tough to understand, but that is not the case with this one. It is a great online app that works well, and all the instructions, workout suggestions etc are available in a well-arranged format.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

This is a great app for science based exercise sessions and techniques. Through this app, the gym ambiance can be recreated easily. Users can have further activities in their own digital profiles. The participation in activities, the slick interface that shows videos, music and time announcements, the ability to track progress etc are some of the key benefits of this amazing app.

Couch to 5K

This is a great app for the purpose of interactive fitness learning. It comprises of many interesting activities for every user or learner. New users are able to develop their own activities and pick up newer stuffs, while more experienced ones may choose from numerous race training tools. Users can take part in any type of exercise that they like.


With the constant evolution of the internet and internet based technologies, it is easy to find out how the upcoming generation is taking up digital apps, which manage to make their lives more convenient and much better. It cannot be argued that mobile apps happen to be the future, and these are intended to improve fitness and exercise session s, making them much more enriched in form. The above apps are designed to revolutionize the way fitness and health training can be done.


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