Top 5 Common Hair Care Mistakes Made By Men

man setting his hairs wrong way comb hair

Common Hair care mistakes you are making right now

A most difficult job is maintaining hair follicles. Especially, on getting a wrong haircut to using the wrong type of products, there are several mistakes to ruin your appearance. You can keep your follicles safe as there is a fix. Men, stop blaming the diet or barber and steer clear from common hair care mistakes.

A few common hair care mistakes made by men are:

Being Rough with Scalp

man holding hair scalp dry dandruff

It may not appear to be an issue. With busy schedules and rush to shower, there are more chances of hair follicles weakening. It also increases the dandruff risk.  To promote the growth of hair, rub the shampoo in your palms, and apply gently on your scalp.

Using 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner

man shampoo his hairs

Anything coming as 2 in 1 gives a smile. However, shampoo with conditioner has two different roles for your hair. Cleaning of pores is the work of shampoo, and it gets rid of dirt accumulation. On the other hand, the conditioner works as a moisturizing agent. Thus, keep away from 2-in 1 product. If you need, get 2 different items.

Wrong Hairstyle

man making his hairs

Getting a new hairstyle is possible for your favorite actors. It suits their face. However, when you try the same, you may be at a loss. Do not act impulsively. It is a big mistake. Instead, listen to your hairdresser and allow him to do his job. If you wish to consider a change of hairstyle, check that suits your face type and recreate it.

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Over Styling

man comb his hair overstyle mistake hair care

The hair product fragrance may be tempting, but using it more may be harmful styling. Applying hair products is styling excessively, and it is harmful to your follicles. It is best to invest in hair styling products and a good comb. Choose gels or wax suitable to your hair type and avoid over styling. It is one of the big hair mistakes.

Not Towel Drying properly

Once out of the shower, your hair is fragile, prone to damage, and breakage. Using a towel can damage your hair. Instead, you may consider a blow dryer or allow it to air dry. Thus, your hair will retain its natural texture on drying, and it is easy to maintain.

It’s important to take care of your hairs and using the right hair care products can help your hairs to stay healthy and shiny. A little effort a day goes long way!! You can shop variety of hair care products from OUR STORE.


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