Top 5 resistance band chest exercises


You may want to develop healthy looking body with lean muscles. Perhaps, the plan might be to avoid gym equipment and dumbbells or simply workout at home. This is where resistance bands prove to be more than useful. Using these stretchy saviors will allow you to create different types of chest exercises.

Safety tips to follow

Over time, resistance bands may wear out. If it snaps, then you should not be hurt by the wires. Hence, you need to take adequate precautions to avoid unwanted accidents.

  • Regularly check handles and bands for wear and tear signs.
  • Avoid making fast, jerking movements.
  • Avoid releasing the band especially at high tension as it will only invite unwanted trouble.
  • Avoid stretching the band to over 2.5 times of its original length.
  • Start different exercises but slowly. First, do test the band’s strength.
  • Do not place the handles over the feet as they are more prone to slipping off.

Equally crucial is to use appropriate form when exercising. In case, you do not have knowledge of how to safely perform workouts using the resistance bands, seek help. The well-trained personal trainer can assist you to learn the different exercises that can be performed safely using the band. You are sure to benefit from it.

5 best resistance band exercises you should perform

You can incorporate resistance bands in your life and leave behind those free weights. You may even plan to mix a few things as introducing variety into life can be quite interesting. It is found that using elastic bands for resistance training does offer similar strength gains like training with weight machines or dumbbells. Find out from the below tips, how you can gain the most from the top chest workout offered by your resistance bands.

  • Resistance band fly: Perhaps you may love classic, but with some twist to it. This particular exercise can provide a super focused workout to isolate your pectorals.
    • First, identify something sturdy and wrap the resistance band around similar to a fence post or pole.
    • Hold band ends or its handles, and face away from pole.
    • Widen deeply your stance with arms held out at chest level to the sides.
    • Bend your elbows slightly and pull arms right in your front.
    • Then, return arms over three second count to wide position.
    • Perform 8 to 12 reps.
    • Tips: Keep elbows just below the shoulders.
  • Banded floor press: This floor press when performed helps isolate the triceps and chest. It also reduces stress significantly on the shoulders.
    • Sit down on your knees pointing upwards and feet kept flat on floor.
    • Hold the band’s end or handle in each hand. Keep the band under your shoulders right across your back.
    • Simply lie down with your back on the ground.
    • Palms should be facing the ceiling. You need to push it up until arms get straight.
    • Return your arms gently to the floor.
    • Perform 10 to 12 reps.
    • Tips: Keep your hands closer at movement top and keep wrists straight. This helps prevent unwanted injuries.
  • Straight-arm pull down: Powerful shoulder and back muscles can support your chest while performing pressing movements. It also works on your serratus anterior and latissimus dorsi (lats) muscles while assisting with shoulder (scapular) stability.
    • First, secure the band’s middle part on something above your head. It can be anything stable such as a door. Ensure that the door remains closed.
    • Next, hold the band’s ends and take some steps backwards by keeping apart your feet that should be hip-width.
    • Lean your torso forward by bending your knees slightly. Keep arms in line with the ears by 45 degree angle.
    • With straight arms kept, pull band down to thighs to squeeze lats.
    • Pause while at the bottom, to release then slowly.
    • Perform 10 to 12 reps.
    • Tips: Pull shoulders back and down slightly. Avoid shrugging up towards the ears or rolling them forward throughout each rep. Also try band door anchor. Performing this move a lot is sure to be a worthwhile investment.
  • Resistance band push-up: This can be somewhat similar to a push-up, however, much harder. It works your triceps and chest while improving upper body strength.
    • Wrap resistance band under your shoulders and around your back.
    • Follow plank position. While maintaining this position lower body until it gets right above the floor.
    • Then push back upwards. Doing so, you are likely to feel the band’s tension at top of movement.
    • Perform 8 to 12 reps.
    • Tips: If possible include side knee tuck. However, it is something that only the adventurous can perform. This can be included to perform extra core workout.
  • Standing incline chest-press: An anchor point when used can prove to be quite effective. However, this might not be possible always if working out on the basement, if there are not present viable options. Anchor point is not mandatory to perform this simple band exercise.
    • Place band’s center portion under left heel.
    • Step forward your right leg to offset your legs, with band kept under back foot.
    • Holding the band’s one end in each hand, keep hand close to your shoulders.
    • Now, push forward to about 45 degree angle. Return slowly to starting position to repeat the process.
    • Perform 8 to 12 reps.
    • Tips: In case band rubs against arms or shoulders excessively, then adjust press angles slightly up. Otherwise, you may lean forward your torso a bit more.

Tips to workout using resistance bands

With some tips, it is possible to transform such awesome exercises into a full-fledged band chest exercise. You may pick any three exercises of choice and can start them to build a strong chest without using dumbbells. When starting out, try fewer sets and reps. Strength building does take some time. Do include warm-up as well as cool-down to prevent unwanted strains or pains.


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