Ultimate Back Workout Plan: Home Back Workout

ultimate home back workout plan for men and women

Best back exercises you can do at home with dumbbells

Back muscles are generally ignored by most during a workout. Strong back muscles are essential for strong front body muscles. If you are someone who doesn’t have time to go to the gym, this home back workout plan is best for you. All you need is a pair of dumbbell and a yoga mat. The following exercises can be done at home for working out your back muscles:

T Raises

asian girl doing t raise back exercise home

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand hip-width apart. Bend your knees and lower the torso till it becomes parallel to the ground. Bring both the dumbbells together such that your palms face forward. Lift the weights to the shoulder’s height and bring them back to the starting position. You should do 15 reps of this exercise.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows

Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows Back Exercise Home Workout

Stand with feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell in one hand and lower your torso till it is parallel to the ground. You can place your hand on a wall for balance. Pull the dumbbell upwards by bending the left elbow towards the ceiling. Do 10 reps per side.

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Delt Raise


Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your knees slightly bent. Lower your torso till it becomes parallel to the floor. Shift your hips backward as you do so. Turn your palms to face each other and bend your elbows. Lift the dumbbells to shoulder’s height and then return to the starting position.

Plank with Lateral Arm Raise

Plank with Lateral Arm Raise

Get into a straight-arm plank position. Put your hands below and in line with the shoulders. Keep the feet wider than hip-apart and ensure your hips are still. Left one arm sideways to your shoulder’s height. Return to the starting position and repeat the same with the other arm.

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Push-Up Hold

push up hold back exercise

Get started to move into a push-up position and form a straight line from your head to heel. Lower your body using your shoulders and elbows till your chest is nearly 1-inch from the floor. Hold the posture for one deep breath and return to the original position.

Back Blasters

Lie on your stomach and lift your chest upwards-arching your back. Keep your hands locked behind your back. Lift your legs and touch your heels. Move both the legs apart and then bring them back together. This is a great workout for the glutes, hamstrings, and inner thighs.


Squat into a sitting position and fold your hand in prayer position in front of your chest. Twist your torso to the right while being in this chair position. Place the left elbow outside your right knee while the other elbow points upwards. Hold for a short time and return to the original position. Now repeat for the other side.

Pilates Press

pilates press back exercise

To get started move into a push-up position and fold one leg such that the bottom of your feet is facing the ceiling. Now push your body down to the floor by folding your elbows. Keep your back straight while doing so. Push yourself back up and repeat at least 10 reps per side.

Hollow Hold

hollow rock hold back exercise home yoga mat

Lie on the floor with your face upwards and extend your arms and legs over your head. Press your back firmly on the floor and raise your arms and legs in the air to form a symbolic “C” with your body. When at this “C” position, squeeze your abs and butts and hold the pose for 1 minute before returning to the starting position.

Dumbbell Deadlift

dumbbell deadlift back exercise home

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your palms should be facing your thighs. Squeeze your shoulders together and bend at the hips lowering the dumbbells till your torso is parallel to the floor. Pause for a short while and slowly return to the starting position. You should not rush this exercise as it may cause injuries.


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