Ultimate Diet Plan for Six Pack Abs That Actually Works 2019


What to eat when trying to get six pack abs?

Summer will be here before you know it, which means it’s time to hit the gym harder than ever! If you want your summer bod to be on point, you’ll need to eat right in order to show off that 6-pack abs you’ve been working so hard to get. But despite working out a ton and following the best abdominal workout plan, you still might not be seeing those rock-hard abs you’ve been trying to get and that’s because of your diet.

After all, the saying that “abs are made in the kitchen” still holds true. Here are some diet tips on how to achieve 6-packs abs just in time for summer!

Let’s talk about “how to eat for six pack abs.

Lean Protein

lean protein diet for six pack abs
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First and foremost, you’ll need to up your lean protein intake. This translates to fish, chicken breasts and lean cuts of beef. Lean protein is needed to help build lean muscle mass.

It’ll also help keep you fuller longer so that you’re not tempted to eat a lot of junk. Plus, it also accelerates fat burn for a much flatter waist.

One of the best food to add in your meals for six pack abs.


mixed berries
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Many think fruit is bad for when you’re trying to get a 6-pack of abs, but that’s not entirely true. Berries are amazing at banishing belly bloat. They are packed with both antioxidants and fiber, which will help you avoid sweet cravings.

The antioxidants will also improve your body’s blood flow, allowing you to get better results from your gym sessions.


mixed nuts for fat loss
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Nuts contain healthy fats, which are unsaturated fats that are great for a flatter tummy. Almonds, walnuts and cashews are amazing choices and are also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Just make sure you’re only eating a handful, though.

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Yogurt has probiotics, which is a form of healthy bacteria that not only promotes better digestion, but will help you de-bloat and can relieve gas. It’s also great at helping your body break down fat. You’ll want to avoid sugary options and instead choose low-fat Greek yogurt instead.

Yogurt is a great help in your six pack abs journey.


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Like healthy fats, there are healthy carbs that are beneficial to a flatter tummy. Quinos is one of them! It’s packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and more, so ditch the white rice and use quinoa instead.

Here is my personal diet plan for six pack abs throughout the year:

Breakfast: Egg whites mixed with one egg and packed with yummy green veggies like spinach with some lean ground turkey will get your day started right! Have a cup of berries with yogurt if you’re still hungry or for a snack later.

Lunch: Tuna fish salad with veggies and light dressing (if any at all)

Post Workout: Drink a protein shake to help fuel your musclces!

Dinner: Chicken with broccoli, a sweet potato and some quinoa!

There you go, if you follow these rules and diet plan, you will guaranteed have six pack abs in no time.


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