Ultimate Men’s Guide to Wearing Rings: Men’s Rings

Ultimate Men's Guide to Wearing Rings: Men's Rings

Men’s trending rings 2021

Men have been wearing rings for ages for various reasons. It signifies their marital status, privilege and wealth. Today, you can come across men wearing club rings, society rings and college rings with each one having a unique meaning.

Types of rings available for men

Wedding rings

mens wedding ring modern 2021

It is to be worn on your left hand on the ring finger. Usually, they are made of silver or gold having a simple unadorned design. Nowadays other metals like tungsten or platinum are popular.

Men’s signet rings

modern men signet gold ring

These rings have some kind of symbol or sign on them. It is likely to be a college or club motif or coat of arms. They are worn on either hand on your pinky finger and made of gold.

Thumb rings

mens thumb ring style

It can be flashy and large like the skull rings. The materials used in its creation range from tanzanite to stainless steel.

Pinky rings

mens stylish pinky ring 2021

It is worn on either hand on the smallest finger. They are made from plastic, leather and gold.

Materials used to create Men’s rings

The type of material you select for your ring will determine its price. There are different types of materials used like:

White Gold Rings

White gold is considered to be an alloy, meaning smelting of pure gold with another metal. You can come across an alloy with a blend of gold, silver or copper, platinum, nickel. Rhodium is used to plate most of them to provide a white bright finish. It can also be customized to change the metal’s physical properties.

White gold when combined with nickel alloy is strong and hard. White gold appears amazing with different gem colors and doesn’t tarnish. However, rhodium plating might wear away after some time and nickel may be suitable for allergy sufferers.

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Gold rings

mens gold rings

Orange-ish tone is what defines pure gold. Rings made from pure gold are the favorite for wedding bands for ages. Superior quality gold rings available with the leading brands are 18 karats. This means, gold will be just 3/4 of the alloy. It is a classic, timeliness, doesn’t tarnish and is instantly recognizable.

Titanium rings

mens stylish titanium ring 2021

This metal is known for its strength-to-weight ratio and silvery, lustrous appearance. Such a ring possesses steel strength, is lightweight and recyclable.

Platinum rings

Vintage Black Marcasite Stone Pave Statement Chunky Ring Platinum

This rare dense metal is more valuable when compared to gold. Besides its rarity value, it is an ideal material as it is durable and tough. Platinum can hold any gemstone comfortably and is less prone to unwanted breakages. It is durable, tough and strong, can hold gemstones in the proper place. Those with sensitive skin will enjoy wearing it as it is hypoallergenic.

Sterling Silver rings

Mens Silver Ring with Black Onyx Stone in 925 Sterling Turkish Handmade Jewelry Men’s Rings

These rings are stated to be timeless, classic, beautiful, simple and inexpensive. Silver generally used to create rings are sterling silver or 925-silver. 92.5% of metal present in the ring is authentic silver, while the rest is copper. The latter is used to make this ring tough and hard. It is a shiny, beautiful color, strong and less expensive when compared to gold.

Zamak rings

Men's Stainless Steel Ring Ancient

It is a galvanized zinc alloy and includes copper magnesium and aluminum. It is also referred to as ‘white metal’ or ‘pot metal’. Zamak is considered to be hypoallergenic and nickel-free. It can be created in stunning rustic designs. It is also inexpensive, lightweight and has that vintage appeal.


Solid 925 Sterling Silver Marcasite and Mother of Pearl Ring Band

These rings are created from iron pyrite, the closest cousin of the mineral marcasite. Iron pyrite is also referred to as fool’s gold that is set into silver. These rings are quite inexpensive, offering a sparkly appearance.

Therefore being well-educated about men’s rings will allow you to choose the best one.


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