Ultimate Workout Plan to Get Bigger Calves

Ultimate Workout Plan to Get Bigger Calves

What are the best moves to get bigger calves?

The calves are important parts of the legs that support the body while performing important activities. On the other hand, those who want to get big calves should consider making some best moves. Another thing is that they contribute more to overcome difficulties when doing certain important tasks. It is necessary to know more about calf exercises in detail from different sources before carrying out them. Moreover, they show ways to gain more ideas easily that can help accomplish goals to a large extent.

Here are some exercises one can consider to get bigger calves.

1. Standing calf raise

man doing standing calf raise exercise bigger calves

Standing calf raise is one of the best exercises meant for increasing the size of calves. One can do this activity with or without weights that help get optimal results. The first step in the exercise is standing upright by placing the feet and shoulder-width apart. In the next step, one should hold weights at sides and keep his/her shoulders relaxed with slightly bent knees. It is time to raise both the heels off the floor by keeping thecore tight and shoulders back. A person should pause at the top and bring back heels to the ground that completes one rep. Doing 2 or 3 sets of repetitions will result in major advantages.

2. Dumbbell calf raise

dumbbell calf raises for bigger calves
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To do this exercise, one must place a dumbbell in each hand with arms extended down and palms facing in. A person should stand upright with the balls of feet on an elevated platform with toes pointing forward. He/she should also place his/her heels extended off the backend which is the starting position. It is advisable to exhale while raising up the toes. Now, he/she should inhale when lowering heels back down without leaving the platform.

3. Jumping jack

jumping jack  exercise fit woman

Jumping jack is another exercise that allows a person to get bigger calves. At the same time, it requires safety practices to minimize unwanted problems. The first step in the exercise is one should stand up straight with his/her arms at sides. Then, he/she should raise his/her arms out and overhead while jumping feet. However, they should make sure that their feet are slightly more than shoulder-width apart. It is the time to quickly reverse the movement without pausing. This is one rep and one should do 15 reps to witness major changes.

4. Seated calf raise

seated calf raises

People who want to perform this exercise should consider using a dumbbell that can help get big calves. The first thing is that they have to sit on the edge of a chair or box. They have to place a yoga block underneath their feet. In the second step, one should keep his/her toes on the blocks with heels hanging off. Furthermore, they should hold a dumbbell in each hand and rest them on top of the thighs. One should raise the balls placed on the feet by lifting knees and thighs upward at the same time. This is one rep and performing 15 reps will help a lot to improve the conditions of calves.

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5. Leg press calf raise

leg press calf raise exercise for big calves

Leg press calf raise, also known as the donkey raise, uses a leg press machine while carrying out the exercise. In the first step, one should sit on the machine and hold the footplate with his/her toes and feet balls. The next thing is he/she should press the same by raising the heels and breathing out properly. Moreover, one should focus more on extending ankles as high as possible while flexing the calf. On the other hand, he/she should make sure hips and knees remain stationary at all times. One should hold the position correctly while lowering hells and bending ankles.

6. Downward Dog

downward dog exercise legs calves

Anyone who wants to do this exercise should start with a plank position. They should now tuck their toes and lift hips up and back. Moreover, he/she should heels toward the floor and press down his/her shoulders back. Besides that, one should focus more on relaxing his/her neck while carrying out the activity. He/she must spread his/her fingers on the mat and placing thepalms flat against the floor. They should now lift their  right toe and bend the right knee. One should then return to start and repeat the activity on the other side. This completes one rep and people should consider performing 15 reps to ensure big calves.

7. Weighted calf rock

Weighed calf rock is one of the best exercises meant for ensuring big calves. For doing this activity, people should use either a dumbbell or kettlebell to get the expected results.  One should stand up straight first by keeping his/her feet shoulder apart. He/she should hold the dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand and roll backward when the weight is in the heels. In addition to that, he/she should roll forward immediately and rise up onto the toes which complete one rep. It is wise to perform 15 reps that can help accomplish goals.

8. Single-leg calf raise

man doing single leg standing calf raise stairs

This exercise is the right option for those who want to get bigger calves. A person should perform the activity by beginning standing with feet shoulder apart. He/she should raise his/her left foot and bend knees so that the leg forms a 90-degree angle position. Apart from that, one should keep his/her legslifted and rising up onto the ball of the right foot.  One can pause this/her legs at the top and squeezing calf muscles and then lowering back them.

9. Outward calf raise

outward calf raises exercise for bigger calves fast

One can start doing this exercise by keeping his/her feet shoulder apart and forming toes in a “V” shape. He/she should draw his/her abs inward to stabilize the body. Moreover, he/she should lift onto the balls of feet by not locking knees and keeping legs straight.At the same time, anyone who wants to know more about the technique can get details online to gain ideas. This will help a lot to get bigger calves to maintain a healthy lifestyle allowing a person to carry out tasks with ease.


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