What Actually Makes A Man Highly Attractive To A Woman

what actually makes a man highly attractive to a woman

5 Things That Makes a Man Highly Attractive

All men look highly attractive to their partners – only – duh!

Also, forget the six packs, robust and dominant personality; these are the older world things that make a man look highly attractive!

But the million dollar question is how to appeal to just about every other girl around you?

There are so many different ways that make a man look the most attractive, hottest and the sexiest – not the looks wise, but the personality traits are being referred here.

Well, we have the magical answer which gives you the capabilities to look highly attractive just in front of everyone.

1. Humor with Good Hair Makes You Look Friendlier, Hotter and Sexier

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Humor is the only jewelry that men should wear – yes, do not wear any other jewelry, looks yuck.

Various researches had been undertaken, concluding with strong points that women prefer those men who have humor – who make them laugh while they moan. Most women agree to the point that a good sense of humor is essential point to consider in a potential mate.

There are so many ways that will effectively enhance the look of your hair. Here are some of the tips:

  • Wash Your Hair Regularly.
  • Use a Shampoo and Conditioner that is worth the use.
  • Do not use a gel or hairspray on your hairs most often.
  • Wash your hair twice a week.

2. Choose the Best Fragrance for Yourself And Express Yourself

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Those men, who are dark horses, belong to the category of men whom women avoid because of their “something off” characteristic. A good smelling cologne makes a big impact on woman, it speaks about your style and trust me this is something really important if you want woman to be attracted to you.

It is worthwhile to let the women know what you think, what you feel and how much interest you have by having a confident personaly, wearing perfume, body spray, using good products that have nicer fragrance and using a nicely fragrant soap.  

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3. Wear Clothes Smartly and Nicely

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If you want yourself to be taken seriously, you should not let others take you lightly because of your poor choice of clothes. Remember, you are not somebody to be avoided. For a better looks, you do not have to invest in the branded clothes rather you should invest in affordable clothes that looks good on you. You must exploit your figure, and wear clothes that show your admirable parts in the most handsome manner.  

So, do not let others take you for granted, at all.

4. Intelligent, Smart and Quick-Witted Talk Along with Attractively Handsome Face

handsome man and woman talking over coffee
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This is one of other qualities that you must have while being intelligent, smart, quick-witted and brilliantly sharp person, arising the interest of others in you. We understand that you need to learn a few things to make a living, but you must follow a good skincare routine to look “presentable” and decent.

You should buy a good face wash, facial creams and night cream to bring glow to that handsome face of yours.

5. A Fixer, A Helper and a Giver with Generous Hands

man giving woman emotional support
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Women tend to like men the most who have characteristics such as a fixer, a giver and a helper – bringing everything back into its normal position. You must not forget that those hands, that are so much robust, must have softer, shinier and more glowing skin. Those men who have attractive hands look the hottest!

Along with grooming aspects, you must behave nicely, show that you are a literate and treat everyone with love and kindness. You will end up impressing so many women that you will find it difficult to identify that one lucky girl among hundreds of women.



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