What are the easiest muscles to work? Exercises with and without equipment


Exercises for the chest:

– Without material: pumps. 
Different levels: kneeling, knees off or explosively taking off slightly hands. “The triceps work in synergy with the chest on the pumps. We can also isolate them by making extensions of arms to the pulley, “ says the coach. 

– In the gym: pushing movements such as recumbent or seated (or guided machines): it includes the chest and triceps. 

4 sets of 15 to 20. From 15 repetitions, we are in muscular endurance. The goals are firming and toning.

For beginners, start with long repetitions: you have to get used to the tendons, the joints to work. Never put very heavy loads.

Exercises for the back:

– Without material (or almost): by weight of the body. 
Ideally, find a fixed bar at chest height, get below and do Australian pushups: these are inverted pumps (exercise also feasible in TRX). We have our arms stretched and we try to bring the chest back to the bar. The level of difficulty depends on the variation of the angle (the closer the bar is to the ground, the more difficult it is).

– In the room: horizontal or vertical draw 
4 sets of 15 to 20, or 30 seconds of effort

Exercises for the legs:

– Without material: 
Classical squats : in body weight or with a bar. Position yourself well: your knees do not tiptoe, the waist is tight and the glutes are behind. 
Squat jump: squat jumped 

– In the room: the press 

4 series from 15 to 20.

Exercises for the abdominal strap:

– Without material: 
Classic crunches without pulling on the nape of the neck (we bring the shoulders up), inverted crunches (we take off the glutes and we bring the knees to the chest), oblique crunches (pendulum movement). 
4 x 30 seconds 

To work in depth: classic cladding ( board exercise ), lateral sheathing. The exercise is counted in terms of seconds: between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Be careful not to dig your back. 

All these exercises can be done as a circuit, with a break at the end (between 1 minute and 1 minute 30).


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