What is the best time to take a protein shake?

protein shake

When should you drink a protein shake: Bodybuilding Supplements

When should you drink a protein shake? Protein shakes are hot! More than ever, people drink protein shakes on a daily basis. Many athletes nowadays take a protein shake after a good workout. But when is the best time to take a protein shake? You will find out in this article.

whey protein and shaker
whey protein


Proteins are essential for the production of muscle tissue. Especially athletes who train extensively and heavily, therefore, need more protein. If the body does not get enough protein from food, it will start using protein from the muscles to make up for the shortage, which is at the expense of muscle mass. So you can train as much as you want, but if you don’t get enough protein, your muscle strength and mass won’t increase.


Proteins are building materials for the body and are essential for building or maintaining muscle mass. How many proteins you need to eat per day differs per person. The exact amount of protein that your body needs daily depends on age, health, weight and physical activity, among other things. So, what are the best times to drink a protein shake?

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Don’t forget the cooling down. There are many different opinions about the best time to take a protein shake. However, research has shown that taking protein shakes just before or during training has little effect. If you want to supplement the protein before your training with a protein shake, do so more than an hour before your training.

The body processes protein differently than carbohydrates and fats and can take quite a bit of energy to do this. This mainly concerns the total protein intake over the entire day. It is not necessary to take protein during a workout, replenishing moisture and carbohydrates is much more important.


woman taking post workout protein shake
post workout shake

After training and during an intensive training period, the muscles have a higher protein requirement than normal. To meet this protein requirement, fast proteins such as whey protein are a good option. These are easily and quickly absorbed by the body to meet this additional need. Whey is therefore good to take immediately after a workout. However, if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, vegetable proteins derived from peas can also be a good alternative.


Why whey and what does it do for your body? When you train a lot and put a heavy load on your body, you increase the protein requirement. After the night’s rest, the body has consumed all proteins and other nutrients. It may therefore be that your body has a protein deficiency at that time.

Taking a protein shake during breakfast can therefore be a good solution. The recovery of the muscles can therefore continue quickly. In addition, it is also just a nice addition to the most important meal of the day.


Taking a protein shake before bed can also be a good idea. It ensures that no protein deficiency occurs during the night and the muscle recovery process continues. Casein, in particular, is very suitable for this. Casein is slowly absorbed by the body. The proteins are gradually processed over a period of up to seven hours. In addition, it soothes the feeling of hunger and you burn extra calories when burning these proteins.

Protein shakes remain one of the most popular supplements for active adults, athletes and bodybuilders and, in addition, protein shakes have become a handy breakfast drink and they are also often drunk to promote muscle recovery after heavy physical training.

The moment you want to drink protein shakes, it is good to only consume these when you know that they may offer significant benefits. For example, an increased protein intake after a workout is seen as the most common and best method to refuel and to optimize muscle building. However, available scientific research has shown that drinking a protein shake before bedtime may offer health benefits.


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