What Shoes Looks Good With Chinos?

what shoes can you wear with chinos?

10 Best Shoes to Wear With Chinos

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone considers the chinos as a trendy style option. Indeed, there are so many impressive chino styles for you to choose from. Whether you opt for a casual, or a formal look, the chinos don’t fail to impress. However, the real challenge lies on the footwear you choose. Unlike formal pants, or shorts, the chino needs to be worn with great footwear. It can change the overall “vibe” of your look. Always remember that the chinos cannot be worn with boots. And, you cannot wear the outfit with ankle-high footwear.

So, let’s get started with some of the finest footwear choices for chinos.

Brown Mocasines

Handsome man wearing Brown Mocasines with chinos

The brown mocasines will add more panache and charm to your beige colored suede chinos. If you are someone who admires the leather pants, or suede – you are bound to admire this look. It blends well with moccasin shoes, which are dark brown in color.

Black Formals

handsome man wearing black formals with chinos gray

If you are wearing grey chinos, you need to handpick the right black formal shoe. The golden rule is to pair light shaded chinos, with darker formal footwear. Of course, don’t forget to include a black tie to complete your look.

An exception: picking brown boots

You might be wondering, how can you wear boots along with chinos. Well, there is an exception to this condition. You can pair white chinos with white boots, especially the low ankle ones. This outfit will look stunning during winter, and fall season.

Blue Chinos, and White sneakers!

blue chinos white sneakers man handsome walking path

This is definitely a classy choice for your chinos. White sneakers are considered as a fashion trend from the late 1980s. This look is a little different from the traditional dark brown shoes. When white sneakers, and chinos are paired with a perfect polo shirt – you are bound to look stunning.

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Burgundy Shoes with Beige Chinos

Burgundy Shoes with Beige Chinos man walking stairs

The beige chinos are formal by nature. They usually come in monochrome, clean and plain shades. The beige chinos look “striking” on its own. However, you can match them with burgundy shoes, or dark red footwear to enhance the overall look.

Silver Oxford Shoes with Purple Chinos

When you are bold enough to wear purple chinos, you must not think twice to elevate the look with silver oxford shoes. These are bright colors, which are both semi-formal and unusual. Choosing this combination is a bold decision. Hence, don’t forget to pay close attention to the details.

Black Formals with a pointy nose!

Remember, the Italian Black formal shoes with a pointy nose cannot be worn with all chinos. You need to handpick formal chinos, which are lightly shaded to wear these shoes. The look gets complete when you wear them with a dark-colored blazer.

Black Oxford Shoes

black oxford shoes teen man fashion chinos

Now, let’s venture into the classic black oxford shoes. These shoes blend well with grey chinos, especially those with printed patterns. The look needs to be complimented with a high quality turtleneck tie that hails from a reputed brand. This look works well for men who are in their forties.

Black Sandals!

black sandals with male chinos

As controversial as it sounds, a pair of black sandals can be worn along with dark brown chinos. No one can deny the comfort level of airy sandals. It may look odd, but you are bound to feel extremely comfortable in it.

Brown Loafers, with Grey Chinos

smart man outfit brown loafers with grey chinos

Finally, we have the standard brown loafers. This style breathes a formal look and feel. If you are planning to wear monochrome shades, the brown loafers will do wonders. Of course, you must not forget to wear black sunglasses to complete the look.


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