What Should Men Wear on a Date: Men’s Dressing Tips for a Date

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What to Wear When Going on a Date: Men’s Edition

Probably you are planning to go on a date night with someone you have fallen in love with. You may be interested to know how to dress properly, as to appear attractive and impress your love on first sight. You may have been given different opinions by your parents, friends and colleagues, with differing from one another, leaving you completely confused.

Choosing the right date outfit for a memorable evening

The trick to select the best date outfit will be to turn heads wherever you go, without actually appearing like plenty of attention has gone into its selection. You do need to be a bit adorable as well as comfortable. A cashmere cardigan cannot be a replacement for personality. But, it is essential to understand that different date ideas do have slight change in rules, which needs to be adhered to.

You need to understand that every person is different and you need to select the right one that will not only look good on you, but also enhance your grace and personality. A well tailored suit for women is likely to be well complimented like lingerie for men.

Tips to wear the most appropriate dating outfit for specific occasions

Home Dates

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Once you get to know the person a bit, you are sure to call him/her to your place to watch the favorite movie on Netflix for hours, hardly speaking to one another. According to experts, you need to keep pretence for about 6 months. You can wear your favorite knitwear.

Being at your home or his/her place, you should always feel at great ease and not uncomfortable. You can choose waffle knit pullovers, merino cardigans, cable knit jumpers, loosely tailored trousers combined with the best socks.

Don’t forget to wear a good mild men’s perfume, checkout this post:

Best Perfumes for Men.

Second date

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What is to be worn for the second date? This is a question that intrigues many. In many ways, the selection process can be much easier. Simply, stick to the chosen theme and it is likely to provide that fabulous first impression.

In case, you had worn tailored trousers and blazer during the first date, then for the second date, you can try out a bomber jacket or the shawl neck cardigan to appear different. If you choose all black, then thrown in some colorful accessory to complete your look.

If going on a date after work, then do away the shirt and wear a T-shirt right under the suit jacket. This will help you to appear casual.

Drink dates

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If the meeting is at a favorite bar that is full of people, the best way to stand out in the crowd is to avoid wearing jeans. You can try out well tailored trousers. What it should be paired with to appear non-boring will depend upon the dress code and if the meeting is after work.

If you work wearing a blazer, then it can be retained. But do change the work shirt and put on something that comes in dark, bold pattern. A statement jacket is sure to work like magic. It can go well with a trucker, bomber or a good biker.

Cinema date

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When it comes to meeting at the cinema and watching a movie for couple of hours in the dark, it will be wise to think practically. If cramped in the theater, then skinny jeans should be avoided. The narrow seat rows will not provide any elegant way to eliminate the three clothing layers. So, an overcoat or a cool jacket will do.

Hence, when going for the date day, do play smart casual and wear something that is appropriate and comfortable for your body.

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