What to Wear in The Gym for Men – Best Apparel for Gym Workout


Ultimate Gym Clothing Guide for Men in 2019 – Gym essentials guide for men

When you go to the Gym or working out at home, you need clothes that are breathable. Wearing clothes that aren’t meant for exercises can cause bothersome skin, rashes, or more genuine wounds and you cannot do your exercises in the right form.

Gym clothes should be thin and flexible while working out. Good Gym clothes makes you feel comfortable and more confident. At the same time you also look great in good workout clothes.

Let’s figure it out, what gym clothes are good for you.

Workout T-Shirts
man wearing sports t-shirt doing exercise
man wearing sports t-shirt doing exercise

Best is to wear t-shirts that are made of polyester and comes with free size. Find the shirts that are made of mesh material as it allows you to breath better.

Buy the shirts which clearly shows your arm and chest muscles, so that you can observe your muscles when you are working out. It gives you confidence and motivation when working out, as your muscles are pumped.

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Joggers and Shorts
man running wearing joggers/shorts
man running wearing joggers

Choose lightweight shorts and joggers that are made with quick-dry, moisture-wicking, closed-hole mesh. These kind of shorts can help you workout with full range of motion and give you full flexibility during your workouts.


man wearing running shoes
sports shoes

It is very important to have a comfortable pair of workout shoes. Your shoes has impact on your posture when you workout. Go for comfortable running shoes for your cardio and running.

If you are heavy weight lifter, you should grab yourself power lifting shoes, when performing weight lifting exercises like squats and deadlifts, your ankles needs support. That’s where power lifting shoes comes in, they give your ankles full support to perform heavy lifting workouts.

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Other Gym Gears
gym clothing guide
man holding protein shaker

Weight Lifting Gear is a MUST for beginners and advanced weight lifters.  You don’t want to get injured by doing heavy lifting without  support. Below is the list of weight lifting gear both men and women can use.

1. Weight Lifting Belt – Weight  lifting Belts help promote good form while lifting. Avoid injury and maximize your exercise performance. They supports your back while providing you the mobility to perform multiple exercises.

2. Weight Lifting Gloves – Weight Lifting gloves  gives protection on both the palm&back of your hands. Lock Padding on the Palm and Every Finger to offer a stronger grip and prevent from blister.

3. Knee Support – Lessen the stress on the knee caps. Add stability & support to weaker joints. So you can focus on your workout without any pain.

4. Elbow Compression Sleeve – Supports stiff and sore muscles and joints while still allowing you to retain your range of motion!

Stay Healthy, Stay Cool!


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