What to Wear on a First Date: 10 Outfit Ideas for Every Kind of Date


Girls of all ages are very much fashion conscious when going outside, be it with friends or alone. They just love to wear the latest trendy apparels and accessories matching perfectly their moods, preferences and occasion or event. The truth is that the market is filled with a wide range of outfit collections for every type and size of girl. Doing some research on the web will provide you with different types of outfit ideas to suit every kind of date. You are sure to fall in love with the choice out there. You may shop offline or online as desired. But then, shopping online from well-established portals provides you with a variety of options to select from. Moreover, you can also save money as you can derive huge discounts from your shopping session.

Outfits for first dates

Going out on first dates can be a nerve-wracking experience for both boys and girls. You are likely to feel stressed on what to wear and how to appear before your date to impress him. First dates are very much important as it will be remembered for a long time. Hence, you are choose an outfit that will not only make you feel sexy, but also compel him praise you. To ensure this, you are likely to Google a lot on the different outfit ideas to wear on different types of dates. Being well informed is sure to allow you to dress smartly to make heads turn towards you. You may try to experiment. But then, it will always be better to go with something that you have tried earlier and feel good about it. You need to feel comfortable in whatever you wear. Only then will you have immense confidence in yourself and enjoy the date thoroughly. Otherwise, you will become more dress conscious, thus not being able to focus on the date properly, thus ignoring him. It will not send the right signal. Remember, wearing the right outfit is sure to make a lot of difference to your approach towards the date.

Some do’s & don’ts to follow


  • Try to wear an outfit that you have already used before and feel comfortable in.
  • Find out which outfit makes you to feel confident on wearing it and focus on your task in hand.
  • Take out those pieces kept in your wardrobe, reserved mainly to be worn on special occasions.


  • Overthink it.
  • Dress in a manner where you do not get that feeling of being yourself.
  • Selecting a brand new outfit that is uncomfortable to wear thus facing problems like digging-in waistline and falling strap.

10 outfit ideas to checkout for different types of dates

 Zoom Date:

The pandemic has caused girls and boys to have date over platforms like Zoom. Wear fun colored apparels that make you feel comfortable and cute as you chill on your computer chair or bed.

Art Class Date:

Comfort is the key, whether it is ceramic-making or painting classes. You can wear jeans as it allows you to move easily. With matching top and hair accessory color, you are sure to appear cute.

Bike Date:

For this type of date, function is essential over fashion. Wearing crop top will make you cute looking. Do remember to bring along huge water tumbler and do wear SPF.

Museum Date:

This is for those who cannot think life without arts. Visiting the museum can be mentally and visually stimulating. A few museums require visitors to follow strict dress codes. Wearing a dress and cardigan will make you feel safe.

K-drama & binge:

In case you plan to binge on K-drama and chill at home, then select a comfortable outfit to wear. It can be lounge shorts and oversized button-down shirt. It will make you feel food baby-friendly.

Casual Dinner Date:

Trying to strike the right vibe for this type of date can be more difficult. There is always the fear of getting overdressed. Make it simple and choose a casual dress. Don’t make it appear like you have tried extremely hard. It should rather be a one-and-done look, thus keeping pre-date stress to the bare minimum.

Daytime Coffee Date:

There is always a doubt on the outfit to wear for daytime dates when compared to drinks or dinner date. It needs to be something simpler and more about elevated basics. You can select a cute pair comprising of sneakers, jeans and tank as it will seem effortless and ultra-flattering. A layer on top can help to feel warm during cold seasons.

Elevated Dinner Date:

Dinner out is considered to be a classy date. Do not mess it by trying to figure out top and pants to wear. Rather, the best bet is to select a good dress. A midi-length dress can be a great choice to visit a nice restaurant or for other locations. You need to be comfortable wearing it.

Post-Work Drinks Date:

It is among the best date types to have. You will feel less pressure on such dates as you are already out. As you are coming from office directly, you are expected to be in an office appropriate dress. Working woman date may even comprise jeans, pair of sneakers, blazer and a tee. To appear sexier, you may select form-fitting tank under the blazer instead of wearing a tee.

Outdoor or Picnic Date:

Casual, outdoor dates seem to have increased in popularity after 2020. This type of date s completely new and require you to navigate through the different outfits present. At the picnic, you are likely to sit on the ground in cross-legged position. Wearing tight jeans will not allow you to be comfortable. But opting for casual, long dress will help you to maneuver and sit in any way you desire without any hassle.

Following the above ideas can help you to select apparel that will go perfectly with the type of date you have arranged.


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