What’s the Right Way to Put on Cologne?

What's the Right Way to Put on Cologne For Men

How to apply cologne guide for everyone

You may be eager to apply cologne to impress people around you. Fragrance does impact significantly how others see you. Hence, you should incorporate it in your personal style to derive benefits. But to boost your confidence and increase your attractiveness, you need to be aware of the correct way to apply cologne. It is an art to apply cologne, something that you need to master.

Areas to apply Cologne

man applying perfume on wrist

Men, ideally apply it on their body’s warmest areas or the pulse points. Such areas include the shoulders, chest, neck, inner elbows and wrists which emits scent more efficiently. It will also mean, you need to use less fragrance. Choose one or two areas to target, like the neck and wrists, which make fabulous combination. However, behind knees armpits and crutch are not ideal to apply Cologne.

How to apply?

  • Once you complete your shower and dry your skin, apply cologne.
  • Avoid spraying cologne into air to walk through it.
  • When spraying, hold bottle about 3” to 6” away from skin.
  • Target pulse points like neck and inner wrists.
  • Avoid excessive usage. Ideal application is 2 to 4 squirts.
  • As fragrance wears off, reapply on your wrists.
  • After application, avoid rubbing it onto your skin.

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How much cologne to use?

You do need to know how much you need to spray on the different areas. Excessive usage will only overwhelm everyone by its scent, while too little will mean no one can smell the expensive cologne. Hence the right amount should be sprayed. In case, you are unsure about the quantity to spray, remember that with fragrance, less is sometimes more. With regards to specifics, the number of sprays to derive will depend upon the type of fragrance used. Lighter scents like summer & spring fragrances will require about 4-6 sprays, while strong scents should be applied around 2-3 squirts to get the desired effect.

With regular application, you are sure to get used to this fragrance. Also do reapply later during the day. Applying couple of sprays onto the wrists will boost the scent during afternoon and impress everyone around.


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