When You Need a Break, Try These 5 Desk Stretches & Feel Revived


If you are a man working for prolonged hours in the office or home on a chair, then you should take a break. This is because sitting at a stationary posture can result in several health issues that will affect your quality of life. You should take a break from your work by doing some stretching exercises. At the same time, you should know more about the types of stretching activities in detail that will help improve your health effectively.

Not only that, they allow you to relax your body to gain more advantages. Stretching enables you to reduce fatigue, stress, soreness, and other problems. Moreover, it gives ways to relax your muscles to overcome cramping. You can even enhance your productivity with the best results.

Here are some desk stretches you can try that will help accomplish goals significantly.

1. Seated side stretch

A seated side stretch is one of the best exercises that allow you to lower tension in the neck and spine areas. You can perform this activity on a chair itself that gives ways to increase the range of motion to a large extent. The seated side stretch is ideal for you to take a break from your work that will help you recover from different problems. Apart from that, it involves various variants which ultimately give ways to improve your performance levels.

The first thing is that you should sit at the edge of a chair and keep your both feet on the floor properly. Now, you should raise your arms and sweep them overhead. You should bend your arms by your ears. Furthermore, you should also slightly bend your head to a certain degree while doing this activity.

Latissimus stretch is a seated side stretch you can do on your chair because it allows you to restore the conditions of your muscles. You should extend your arms overhead and bene them to the opposite side. You can also perform a forward stretch to get relief from posture and other symptoms. You must keep your both hands in front of you and you can lower your head in line with your arms. Now you should press forward and hold the same for 10 to 30 seconds.

The seated 4-stretch is another exercise you can try to get relief from hip pains. If you have any injury or have undergone surgery, then you avoid practicing stretching activities because it will increase the risks that can affect your life.

2. Seated eagle

An eagle pose is one of the stretching exercises which can improve the conditions of your muscles significantly. It enables you to focus more on your arms that will relieve tension in your shoulders and neck areas. Besides that, the activity will help stretch your back by addressing your exact needs.

Sit back on the chair and bend your knees. Lean back and make sure that your upper back is straight. The next step is that you should loop your right arm and the left. You should bring your palms to touch. You should also raise your elbows towards your shoulders height. You can now release or take away your hands that are away from your face.

Eagle pose is a deep hip stretcher for you if you are sitting in a chair for many hours. Not only that, it promotes deep breathing that will help improve the conditions of the lungs to a large extent. The exercise activity also helps to increase your focus and balance to ensure peace of mind. Also, it lets you stretch and open up your tight shoulders with the desired outcomes.

3. Seated pigeon

Seated pigeon is a good stretching activity that can do many wonders for your body. This exercise enables you to enhance the conditions of your hips, groin, and other areas. You must first sit in a position on your chair. The next step is that you should scoot to the edge of your chair. You should place your right ankles crossly over the left thigh. Gently press your right thigh towards the floor by flexing the right foot. The next step is to take 5 breaths after sitting tall in the chair. This exercise offers solutions for your neck and shoulder problems that can help overcome potential problems.

4. Seated spinal twist

A seated spinal twist is one of the best exercises you can do with ease. The primary benefit of this activity is that it allows you to manage your stress effectively. It enables you to stretch your chest and abdominals. You can relieve tension and toxins with this stretching exercise to ensure peace of mind. You should now twist to the right by holding your arm or back of the chair. You can perform 5 breaths and switch sides that will help keep relieving your tension and other problems. At the same time, you should follow the instructions correctly while doing this activity that will help meet your exact needs.

5. Modified down dog

A modified down dog is another stretching activity that allows you to get relief from stress and other issues that can affect your work. This exercise is ideal for stretching your arms, back, shoulders, and spine. Besides that, you can even restore the conditions of your body muscles with high efficiency. Another thing is that it gives ways to minimize tension caused by prolonged sitting on a chair.

To do this exercise, you should first stand in front of your chair. You should now hold onto the back of the chair. The next step is you should walk back after making an L-shape with your body. It is wise for you not to move your hands. You should bend your knees slowly and also lengthen your arms. Also, you should now consider pulling your hips away from the desk. You should stretch your chest, back, hamstrings, and shoulders while performing this activity. It is advisable for you to do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes that will help you in many ways.


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