Work the muscles of the upper body with the battle rope


Could we reduce the battle to a fashion effect? Not only! This new training exercise for both cardio and muscle seduces many athletes. Here we gonna explains the benefits and how to use it.

A “running for the arms”
“We basically work the arms (biceps, triceps), forearms, lumbar, shoulders and abs. Overall it’s the upper body. The more the individual will make quick and wide movements, the more difficult it will be, but overall it is accessible to all ” .

Everyone can use it, provided they respect the basic posture. The variability of the weight and diameter of the rope will also help the practitioner. You can find them in specialized stores from 5 to 13/14 kg, for a diameter between 30 and 50 mm. Care should be taken to choose a rope with plastic handles to prevent your hands from rubbing on the rope too much. Repetitions can quickly “burn” your hands.

“This exercise works on cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, explosiveness and coordination. The risk of injury is minimal because you do not handle heavy loads. From an aesthetic point of view, this favours destocking of fats because we consume a lot of calories “.

An alternative training method

Integrated into a circuit training, in HIIT (high-intensity fractional training) or in the warm-up, the possibilities of the battle rope are infinite. The cardio question, a study by American researchers showed that a 10-minute workout with a ripple required anaerobic system contribution of about 77%, the anaerobic system of about 12% and that the Post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) expenditure accounted for 11% of total energy expenditure.

To sum up, this shows the great contribution of the aerobic system. The intensity of exercise over 10 minutes of effort would be described as intense and sufficient to stimulate metabolic and cardiovascular adaptations.

Examples of the training program

-Start: In the initial position, alternate left / right hand to wave for 30 seconds. Get 30 seconds. Make 5 series. A variant may be to do the same thing in “slam” or both arms at the same time.

-Intermediate: In chair position against a wall or not, alternate the movements in “wave” or “slam” for 45 seconds. Get 30 seconds. Make 5 series.

-Confirmed: While bending/expanding in “squat jump” or slit mode, alternate “wave” or “slam” movements at the same time for 1 minute. Get 30 seconds. Make 5 series.


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