You Should Read This Before You Workout When Sore

You Should Read This Before You Workout When Sore

What you should know before workout out when you are sore?

If you are exercising for the first time, then it is quite natural for your muscles to feel sore and tired. You may wonder whether to continue with your exercise or to drop it for the day. Active recovery exercise, in few cases like walking and stretching can actually benefit your sore muscles. However, this again depends upon the severity of symptoms and soreness that you experience currently. You need to know when to workout sore, to rest and recover.

Benefits of light recovery exercises

‘Active’ recovery can prove to be beneficial, in case, you are slightly sore. You can feel good to:

  • Perform low intensity cardio like swimming or walking.
  • Perform light resistance exercises like core strengthening workouts.
  • Stretch out your sore muscles.

You should also focus on those muscles groups, which are not worked out previously. Light recovery exercises do offer multiple health benefits. Full range or mobility, exercises such as easy cycling or walking pumps more blood through muscles, thus increasing flow of blood and assist you to recover from soreness quickly. But you should not try to challenge or overload your muscles more. You can derive similar benefit from recovery exercises like that of from massage.

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Muscle growth & damage

The muscle tissue may experience breakdown or microscopic tears may be caused in the muscle, thus causing DOMS after performing workout. If you increase the intensity or try out some new exercise, then you may feel sorer following the workout for few days. But with time, your muscles are likely to get resilient to such exercises and will not tear or break down.

To respond to micro tears, your body will fix it with satellite cells and develop over time, thus acting against future damage, as well as boosting muscle growth. Your diet should have sufficient amount of protein and proper rest given to your muscles to ensure this process.

Do remember that gentle recovery exercises are indeed beneficial for your overall health. However, trying to overtrain will only be dangerous and harmful for your health. In case, you experience any unwanted symptoms, then you should immediately consult a good doctor.


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